Pilot Program

Cohen Children’s Medical Center is interested in resolving Workplace Culture issues that arise in the hospital environment and create conflict and friction, particularly between different categories of employees of the Medical Center.   As an initiative to resolve these common issues, and to measurably improve interdepartmental and intercultural working relationships and productivity, Cohen Children’s Medical Center has invited John King Partners to create and implement a pilot Leadership training and development program for 30-36 selected members of the senior medical, administrative, and nursing staff.   Following acceptance of this proposal, John King Partners will design and deliver an 18 month, rigorous leadership training and development program which will be measured every six weeks using the Mindsuite Algorithm, a diagnostic and alignment instrument which acts as a predictive analytic and strategic planning tool.   The purpose of the Tribal Leadership Pilot Training Program is to elevate and stabilize the working culture of the Cohen Children’s Medical Center senior personnel, and provide a platform in which these personnel leaders become the trainers and coaches of the general population of Cohen Children’s Medical Center employees.   At the completion of the Cohen Children’s Medical Center: Tribal Leadership Pilot Program (18 months), each participant will be examined and certified as a ‘Tribal Leader’ and will be facile in the distinctions, tools and models of the Tribal Leadership methodology.
  Pricing: $280,000 USD + travel and lodging expenses; Full Leadership Pilot Program